Friday, January 4, 2008

Suicide Dictionary: Illumination Experience

Announcing the Genesis of an Integral TransMission
with the completion of Sonnet A

A prayer and call for the world to open a more passionate interreligious discourse, Sonnet A points to the reunion of feminine and masculine modes of Love as an essential starting ground. We see not two angels here, but a perfect singularity of opposites, ascending and descending on wings that unfold along spectrums of distinctions.

Shift perspectives with this first in a series of 50 artworks to be created in collaboration with integral poet, Paul Lonely. Like the steel of a blade being folded many times, each release will transcend previous works in the series, but will include select elements of all, producing a body of unforgettable, highly collectible integral spiritual art.

Tangible angels we are One and All,
Under and over and inside the flesh;—
There is no frontier for World-centric to draw,
If truly world-centric the angel has meshed.

A Stupa was built on the sands of Iran,
Each native said prayers and accepted its worth;
They all remained Muslim and nothing was gone,
But added to Islam was Buddhism's birth.

Allah as a Baby was from Jewish men,
Which leaked to Muhammad who Journeyed at Night;
The Prophet was tested but mastered zazen,
And now simply twirls as a Dervish in white.

A relic of Buddha in Mecca will stand,
When Islamic this Land.


A Creation of Suicide Dictionary:Illumination Experience, LLC
Susceptible to Radical Transformation

For more information on this work see 10 Questions with Paul Lonely.

Contributed by Todd Guess.

Creative Commons License

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