Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Globalist and an Integral Approach to World Events

In a world dominated by scientific materialism and pluralistic postmodernism, where does one turn to get a more evolved view of the world and current events? Well, one possible source of in-depth world analysis is The Globalist. I’m not sure it makes a lot of sense to talk about an “integral” source of news and information, but The Globalist does seem to be a great place to go to get the kinds of information a person with an integral worldview needs.

Take last week for example (Nov. 19-23, see links to articles below), which is an excellent example of what The Globalist does typically. Each day last week, they published one in-depth article concerning the plight of the world’s poorest nations. The articles are contributed by experts from around the world, who look at the topic from a variety of angles, generally including both cultural and socio-economic aspects and viewpoints, as well as considering the viewpoints of both the political left and the political right. By looking at the topic at hand with a critical eye from such a variety of angles, they provide the integrally-informed reader with just about everything needed to understand global issues fairly well, or, in any event, much better than is possible by reading just about any other traditional news source. And armed with a better understanding of what’s happening globally, you’re able to more fully contextualize the daily news from whatever source.

Highly recommended reading!

Links to articles:

Monday, Nov. 19 – Where Bangladesh Leaves India in the Dust
Tuesday, Nov. 20 – Falling Behind and Falling Apart: The Bottom Billion
Wednesday, Nov. 21 – Trade and the Bottom Billion
Thursday, Nov. 22 – What The West Can Do for the Bottom Billion
Friday, Nov. 23 – Solving Africa's Public Health Crisis


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