Monday, November 19, 2007

Rebuilding Everything

Civilization has collapsed completely and it's up to you and a few scattered survivors to rebuild it from the ground up - that's the premise of a “reality TV” show proposed by author/scientist David Brin in his recent blog entry “REBUILDING EVERYTHING!” Teams would strive to re-attain the stages of technological development which form the essential stepping-stones for our complex, globally interconnected (and precariously turbulent) present phase of development.

A practical goal of this project would be to produce “knowledge caches” which could be helpful in restarting civilization should the need arise. Brin also considers inclusion of cultural elements, which would be an interesting touch; as noted in the work of Jean Gebser and Ken Wilber, among others, technology and culture tend to co-evolve – e.g. we find much different institutions and forms of governance in tribal “stone age” societies than we would in industrial societies or our increasingly interconnected information age. For more on Brin's proposed TV series see REBUILDING EVERYTHING! A proposed reality show.

- contributed by Arthur

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Liz said...

I love this idea. It reminded me instantly of the 70's British TV series "Survivors."

Not sure how to link here:

The show really captured how I imagine it will be if such a thing happens eventually. I think there is a danger that the idea is so appealing that people won't try to stop the destruction of the world. Maybe I'm a bit paranoid. But who wouldn't want to be one of the ones who survives?